Hippy Tosspot (suthnoli) wrote in plasticvinyl,
Hippy Tosspot

Partners have been sent out!

Okay, I think everyone should have their partner's email now. I fucked up my spreadsheet and got a bit lost, though, so just prod me if there's no sign of yours and I'll fix it.

The postal strike is (sort of) over now, so I'm hoping those of you who don't have your September mixes yet will be getting them soon. I know mine's late because the post office refused to handle it. So, yes. On the other hand, if you are still short of your CDs for either of the other challenges, then please tell me exactly which one it was, so I can make a note of it and possibly chase it up. If I absolutely can't sort it out, I'll try and send you one myself.

As a side note, please help with Project Download?
Tags: modpost
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