Hippy Tosspot (suthnoli) wrote in plasticvinyl,
Hippy Tosspot

Mod Post: October theme!

Okay, October's challenge theme:

'songs to banish the deadly sense of boredom'
as suggested by miss_shapes!

I've put the other suggested themes to one side, and we will use them at some point. If anyone else has any suggestions, bung them into that poll, or email them to me.

So, yes, the usual routine now. Comment to this post by Tuesday October 9th after which I'll sort through the details and get you all paired up as quickly as I can.

If there are any problems, let me know.

Go go!

(p.s. pumpkinsoup, sorry! I'll get your CD(s) sent as soon as I can, they're almost done.)
Tags: boredom, challenge, modpost
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i'm in. thankfully it's quite an easy theme :)
I'd love to participate in this, except I never received my last one. Which is a shame.
Oh dear, which theme was that? I'll put a black mark down in my little black, er... spreadsheet. But yes, I'm sorry it hasn't shown :/
me! i want to play. i missed the last one.
Count me in . . .

Though, can I only receive a partner that's in the US?

If at all possible. :]
With any luck, that should be easy to sort out :)
I'm in. I have not yet received my CD from the last challange, but I'll give the sender the benefit of the doubt because of the postal strike.
Your partner has let me know yours is on its way :)
It's no problem :)

i am in for this one..

i just realised i havent posted last months out, it managed to not be in my 'to post' pile last week :S but it shall be posted tomorrow morning!
i havent recieved one though either..
I'm in!

Yay! I'm in.

I haven't gotten mine yet from last month tho.
I just sent my mix to my partner the other day, so I don't know if they got it yet.

And I'm in. :]
please count me in as well! my cd from the last month is, i swear, on the way, so the person on the receiving end, please do not worry.