As is now rather obvious, there's not going to be another Plastic Vinyl swap. It got to the point where very few people were signing up for swaps, very few people were sending their mixes out, etc. It's not really worth it, unfortunately, if out of 100 people, less than 10 actually want to take part.

I've really enjoyed this thing, and I've had some great mixes out of it. So, thankyou. And bye.

April/May theme: Classics! SIGN UP HERE

Okay, so the last swap was a bit of a wipeout. Let's try again for April/May.

I reckon we're best off with a fairly simple theme, so I'm going for 'Classics'. You know, big important songs, and suchlike. Although as ever, sticking to the theme is totally optional!

I'd love to see plenty of people involved this time. And when I send out partner details, I'll include your email addresses so you can contact each other directly if there are any problems, and of course you can email them once you get your mix, too.

So, Sign up HERE for the April/May swap! Just leave your name in the comments here, and sometime around Friday I'll pair everyone up and email you the details. Sound good?

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Sing-ups for the 'something old, something new' mix swap will be closed TOMORROW

Emails with partner details will all have been sent out by Monday 28th January. I'm away that weekend, or I'd get them to you sooner.

Over and out :)

January Mix Swap- SIGN UP POST

The next theme is 'something old, something new', as suggested by the_wild_son

The last swap only involved a small number of you, and I'd love to see more this time round.
With any luck this whole shebang will be a bit more orderly from now on, I acknowledge it's been a bit dodgy of late, but I'm still getting to grips with sorting it out on my own.

So, anyway! 'something old, something new'!

Sign Up Here! If you don't comment here to say you want to be included, I won't know you want a partner!
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Mod Post- and a Poll

Happy New Year! Please fill this out?

Poll #1120628 Winter Mixes

Have you sent out your mix CD from the last swap?

No- but I'm going to!
No- but I'm not going to be able to : (

Have you received your mix CD from the last swap?

No : (

Do you want to do a January swap?

Yes please.
No, ta.

If we do a January swap, my suggestion for the theme is:



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Last call for people to sign up for Secret Santa.

Turnout so far is... disappointing. I know people are busy and all, but numbers have been dropping anyway. There's nothing I can do about that, so I'll say no more. But if you want something different out of this commuity, or have any suggestions, hit me up.

So, yeah. Secret Santa Sign-ups Close Tomorrow

Partners have been sent out!

Okay, I think everyone should have their partner's email now. I fucked up my spreadsheet and got a bit lost, though, so just prod me if there's no sign of yours and I'll fix it.

The postal strike is (sort of) over now, so I'm hoping those of you who don't have your September mixes yet will be getting them soon. I know mine's late because the post office refused to handle it. So, yes. On the other hand, if you are still short of your CDs for either of the other challenges, then please tell me exactly which one it was, so I can make a note of it and possibly chase it up. If I absolutely can't sort it out, I'll try and send you one myself.

As a side note, please help with Project Download?

Mod Post: October theme!

Okay, October's challenge theme:

'songs to banish the deadly sense of boredom'
as suggested by miss_shapes!

I've put the other suggested themes to one side, and we will use them at some point. If anyone else has any suggestions, bung them into that poll, or email them to me.

So, yes, the usual routine now. Comment to this post by Tuesday October 9th after which I'll sort through the details and get you all paired up as quickly as I can.

If there are any problems, let me know.

Go go!

(p.s. pumpkinsoup, sorry! I'll get your CD(s) sent as soon as I can, they're almost done.)

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Okay, almost everyone should have their partner's info now.

I'm still waiting on Ciara to send me some people's info, but apart from those three, everyone should have received an email.

Anybody missing theirs?