Hippy Tosspot (suthnoli) wrote in plasticvinyl,
Hippy Tosspot

Mod Post: October theme!

Okay, October's challenge theme:

'songs to banish the deadly sense of boredom'
as suggested by miss_shapes!

I've put the other suggested themes to one side, and we will use them at some point. If anyone else has any suggestions, bung them into that poll, or email them to me.

So, yes, the usual routine now. Comment to this post by Tuesday October 9th after which I'll sort through the details and get you all paired up as quickly as I can.

If there are any problems, let me know.

Go go!

(p.s. pumpkinsoup, sorry! I'll get your CD(s) sent as soon as I can, they're almost done.)
Tags: boredom, challenge, modpost
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